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DarkCon is:
  • A LARP set at a sci-fi/fantasy/gaming convention (e.g., Dragon*Con). A convention is the one place someone won't blink if they see a werewolf. Instead they'll compliment the costume and ask for a picture. So if you're a Were needing some time away from the normal dog-eat-dog world, an arms merchant with some special arms to sell, or a intergalactic politician seeking election, a convention is the place to be. The ultimate getaway for all of us science fiction-fantasy-gamer-fan types. The spectacles, the celebrities, the secret shows all amaze and astound. But have you ever felt like maybe there’s more going on?
  • With Dark ConFrontation you don't have to pretend you are in some mystical forest or ancient dungeon; this game is a convention within the convention. Your character is attending a convention just like you. Play begins when the convention does, and ends when you go home. Play as much or as little as you like. You can even play while doing other things around the Con.

Welcome to Dark ConFrontation, the only game on Earth where Mad Scientists mingle with mendacious Merchants, wily Were-Bass, and vegetarian Vampires. The only LARP in which clockwork Cognoscenti can match wits with articulate Apes and where the Men in Black battle pugnacious Pixies over secret histories, hidden mysteries, and ill-gotten gains.

We give you all necessary game materials to get started. All you need is a couple of coins and a willingness to have a blast, no experience necessary. Your character packet will include item cards and a character sheet that lists personality traits, physical attributes, group memberships, and a personal background for your character. Dark Con utilizes a conflict resolution system base on opposed coin tosses. Item Cards, such as armor and weapons, modify the rolls you make in combat. Heads on the coin flip indicate a success either when attacking or defending. Defense successes negate attacking successes, any remaining attack successes result in damage.

Where can I play Dark ConFrontation?

Our next scenario, End Game, will be run at Dragon*Con August 30th - September 2nd, 2013.

I am going to be at the 2013 Dragon*Con, how do I guarantee that I will be able to play a character in Dark ConFrontation?

In order to play Dark ConFrontation, you can either pre-register for our Dragon*Con 2013 scenario End Game or come by our Dragon*Con table (Hilton Hotel, 2nd Floor) and register there. However, the only way to guarantee a character is to pre-register today!

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